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Polar Fest is essentially a cooperative marketing effort. The Polar Fest Committee requests that all events contribute to the marketing expenses we incur as a group. Your contribution ensures that your event is included in all of the Polar Fest marketing materials, including posters, flyers, brochures as well as newspaper, radio, television, and online exposure plus various media interviews and speaking engagements. Polar Fest also maintains this website where each event has its own link. Polar Fest manages Facebook and Twitter accounts for the festival itself and for its mascot, Polar Pete, so you’ll get noticed there, too!

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Please use the following guidelines for determining the marketing fee to pay for your event(s). If you have several events that generate minimal profits planned, please take that into consideration. Each of your events will be listed separately on Polar Fest posters, flyers, websites, etc., so you are receiving marketing benefit for each of them. There is no “rule” about this, but in order for the festival to be successful it is important that everyone contribute as fairly as possible.

By clicking submit, you are committing to sponsoring Polar Fest for the dollar amount indicated. Please make checks payable to "Polar Fest - Propel DL" and send check to Polar Fest Committee, c/o Propel DL, 912 McKinley Ave. #106, Detroit Lakes, MN  56501.