Blind date with a book


Sponsored by Detroit Lakes Public Library and Becker County Friends of the Library 

Stop by the library between Feb 1st and Feb 21st to participate in our “Blind Date with a Book” event! It’s easy, fast and fun. Blind Date with a Book matches you with an unknown gift wrapped book which you choose to check out at the library, not knowing the type, genre, author, title, etc., of the selection. Then you take your book on a blind date by choosing to meet with and read it and give it a chance to make an impression.

Best part…you then get to let us know how your blind date went! Did you have a love connection? Did the date end early for whatever reason? Did something unexpected happen? We want to hear all about it! When you are done with your “date”, please complete the rating sheet included with your book and return it to the library to be eligible for a drawing to be held Wednesday, February 22nd.